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What ae your delivery timelines?

We use Royal Mail as our chosen delivery partner, packages are delivered within 48 hours of Royal Mail reciving the parcel.

What is a BaoBabe menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a reusable alternative to tampons and pads worn inside the vagina which collects flow rather than absorbing it. Our cups are made from medical grade silicone, contain no rubber, latex, BPAs or heavy metals. They are a safer, healthier, and more comfortable way to manage your period.

Can anyone wear a menstrual cup?

Yes! We offer 2 different sizes. As with any feminine hygiene product you need to find the right size for you.

Why is your menstrual cup BLACK?

For those who are new to menstrual
cups, discoloration is expected after a few uses and the stains can be
difficult to remove, if at all. For those who enjoy all the benefits of the cup but are put off by the discoloration, our black cup is for you!

Will I feel my BaoBabe cup while wearing it?

You should not be able to feel your cup at all if you have the correct size
(that’s where our quiz comes in handy!) and have inserted it correctly.

If you do notice the cup, it is most probably because the cup is not
inserted correctly (remove and try inserting a little higher) or its the stem that you are feeling
(which can be easily trimmed or removed). Should neither of the above help, we
recommend sizing up or down to find your perfect fit.

Every woman’s period differs and so does every woman’s menstrual cup journey – we advise giving yourself at least 3 cycles to get the hang of using a cup.

Can a menstrual cup get lost inside me?

No! At the end of your vaginal canal is the cervix (the
opening to the uterus) which doesn’t allow anything past it… except sperm. 

How long can I wear my BaoBabe cup?

You can wear your Baobabe cup for up to 12 consecutive hours, depending on your flow. We recommend checking it after 4 or so when you first start using a cup. Within a few cycles you’ll have a better understanding of your flow and how often you need to empty it.

How do I know if I have inserted my BaoBabe cup correctly?

When inserted properly, you should be able to feel around the cup and notice no pronounced puckering. The cup can form to your body shape, so not being perfectly round is okay!

The cup should be comfortable and not protruding from the vagina. If the stem protrudes, it can be trimmed (or simply turn the cup inside out before inserting). If the bottom of the cup protrudes, the cup needs to be placed higher, or is too big for you.

Can I wear my BaoBabe cup when...?

With the exception of vaginal intercourse, you can wear your BaoBabe cup while swimming, scuba diving, camping, sleeping, running, yoga, weightlifting, gymnastics – pretty much everything is possible with a menstrual cup!

If you are looking to wear something during vaginal intercourse, the BaoBabe menstrual disc is what you need! REMEMBER, the menstrual disc is NOT a form of contraceptive!

Can I put my cup in before my period starts?

Feck Yes! It’s probably the biggest perk of using a menstrual cup.

As a matter of fact, we encourage first time users to 'play around' with
inserting the cup before your period starts to avoid any 'messy play' while
figuring it out.


Can I use a BaoBabe cup if I have a IUD?

In short, YES! Similar to a tampon, a menstrual cup sits inside the vagina,
whereas your IUD sits inside the uterus.

However, for feck's sake BREAK THE SEAL BEFORE REMOVING THE CUP! The
suction is what can cause dislodgement of an IUD of not broken before removal.
Please also ensure the IUD 'strings' are cut short enough to not get in the way
of things.

Menstrual discs tend to use less suction than a menstrual cup, so they may
alleviate any worries you have.

Will a menstrual cup break my virginity?

You can only ‘pop your cherry’ by having penetrative sexual intercourse.

The hymen can be 'broken' by doing regular activities such as horse riding,
riding a bike, doing sports and the usage of a menstrual cup or tampon is no

Where is the best place to empty a menstrual cup that makes the potential “mess” factor less of an issue?

The shower babes! Remove and empty your menstrual cup in the shower...This
advice is exactly the same for menstrual disc users.


Can I make a number 1 and 2 with a BaoBabe cup inside of me?

Yes! Cups do not inhibit any normal bodily functions.

Can I use a cup with a tilted / retroverted uterus?

YEP! As long as the cup can sit below the cervical opening to catch flow, you are all good.

Can I use a BaoBabe cup if I have a low cervix?

Yes, our size small would be your go to cup.

How can I clean my BaoBabe cup in a public bathroom?

Wash your hands thoroughly before entering the bathroom stall, empty the
contents of your cup into the toilet and simply reinsert. If you have a bottle
of water (which is safe to drink) give your cup a rinse over the toilet and
reinsert. The sterilizer cup can come in handy as you can fill it with water
prior and use that to rinse your cup. At the next convenient time, clean as per
the User Guide instructions.

Remember, a cup can be worn for a maximum of 12 hours, so you should be back
home in time for your next change.

Can I use my Baobabe Cup as a form of contraceptive?

Hell no! The Baobabe cup CANNOT be used as a contraceptive, please contact your medical practitioner should you require contraceptive advise.  

How do I clean my Baobabe cup?

Before using your Baobabe Cup in a cycle, sterilize the cup by boiling it in a pot full of water for no more than 2 minutes. Do not leave the cup to boil in shallow water as this may melt the silicone. Consider using our BaoBabe sterilizer cup for easy-peasy sterilizing! It is advised to use the above method to sterilize your cup in-between periods.

There is no need to
sterilize the cup between changes, simply empty the cup and run it under water and reinsert.

Can I keep my cup in a container or in the sterilizer cup?

No, airtight containers may cause molding. Rather keep the cup in the breathable bag provided.

I’ve just had a baby, can I  use my Baobabe Cup instead of maternity pads?

Unfortunately not! You need to give your body a chance to heal, please use maternity pads during this time.

How much blood does the BaoBabe cup hold?

Our small cup holds 15 mls of menstrual fluid, our Regular cup holds 25mls of menstrual fluid, our Menstrual disc holds 50mls of menstrual fluid.

Can I use lube to help aid in inserting my Baobabe Cup?

Yes, water-based lubricants are best as they do not damage the silicone.

Why is my cup leaking?

  • The cup has not opened correctly, we recommend using whichever folding technique suits you – play around with the different options. Try inserting your finger into the vagina and push the side of your vagina away from the cup – this should allow for the cup to completely open.
  • The cup is full and needs to be emptied, the weight of a full cup will reduce suction and lead to leakage.
  • The cup may have been wet when inserted and has now mixed with menstrual blood already in the vagina.
  • The cup is the incorrect size for you

Can I use vinager to clean my BaoBabe cup?

No, please don’t use anything harsh on your menstrual cup. Rather stick to a mild soap and water.

What do I do if my cup is “stuck”?

Don’t stress, it’s a dead-end road up there. Try lifting 1 leg onto the edge of a bath/toilet seat and push your pelvic floor, this should help your cup come down a little enabling you to get a better grip of the base, pinch it and pull it out.  


How many cups do I need?

One at a time will do the trick. You dont need more than 1 cup unless you prefer to use a smaller cup for lighter flow days and a larger one for heavier flow days.

How long will my BaoBabe cup last?

Our menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years! However, we strongly advise you to replace your cup only when it shows signs of deterioration, like becoming chalky, cracked, or sticky.

How do I dispose of my old menstrual cup?

Silicone is made through a chemical process but from natural materials, so the ash left behind isn't harmful to the environment. The best method would be to get a good outdoor fire going and toss your cup in, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Can I wear my BaoBabe cup at night while I sleep?

Yes. Just make sure to empty the cup before you go to bed. This will give you a fresh cup with full capacity at the start of your night which gives you plenty time to get your beauty sleep.