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Menstrual Cup & Sterilizer Combo (Save 10% & Free Shipping)

Menstrual Cup & Sterilizer Combo (Save 10% & Free Shipping)

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Some things are better together, get a Baobabe Menstrual Cup & Sterilizer and save 10%!


Cup Size

What is included?

1 x Menstrual cup

1 x Serilizer cup

1 x Cotton BaoBabe carry bag

What size cup am I?

Head on over to our sizing quiz at the top of the page to find your perfect fit.

The menstrual cup sizing we recommend is not 100% guaranteed, different
factors apply to different users. However, the rule of thumb goes:

Small Cup

Under 18 Years Old or,

Low cervix or,

Light to medium flow.

Regular Cup

Over 18 Years Old or,

Regular to high cervix or,

Medium to heavy flow.

Cup Dimentions

Small Cup:

Length 56mm 

Capacity: 15ml

Regular Cup:

Length 63.8mm

Capacity: 20ml 

Returns & Customer Support

Due to the nature of our products and for hygienic reasons, our products are not eligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges.

We are available to answer any questions you may have to help you on your menstrual cup journey, pop us an email ( and we will share tips to get you onto your new period journey asap!

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