Have a period? GREAT! We're here to make it better. Shop reusable period
cups, discs & reusable pads for a comfortable, sustainable life.

Our signature black menstrual cups look aesthetically pleasing, but it also
serves a purpose: To avoid discoloration. For those who are new to menstrual
cups, discoloration is expected after a few uses and the stains can be
difficult to remove, if at all. For those who enjoy all the benefits of the cup
but are put off by the discoloration, our black cup is for you!


  • 12 HOURS

    Wear your cup all day or all night, with 12 hours between changes you will have time to do you


    A menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years, save that money honey


    Zero worries and Zero waste

  • Ultimate Comfort

    With no strings attached!